Tailoring, Alterations and Repair Services

Rely on our seasoned tailor to revamp your current wardrobe or create personalized garments that complement your unique physique. Whether it’s minor adjustments such as button replacement and seam stitching, or more extensive repairs like resizing blazers or hemming formal gowns, our tailor is adept at fulfilling all your alteration requirements. We proudly provide the “original jean hem” and can accommodate special requests for quick, on-the-spot alterations and repairs.

Services Highlights

Fitting Services at Your Convenience:

Enjoy our fitting services in the comfort of your own space. Our tailor is available to provide fitting services at your location, ensuring a personalized and convenient experience.

At Annies Dry Cleaning, we understand the importance of perfectly tailored garments. Trust us with your alteration and repair needs, whether it’s rejuvenating your existing wardrobe or crafting new pieces. Schedule a fitting or consultation with our tailor today, and let us enhance the fit and style of your clothing. Your satisfaction is our priority.